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Infernals: The Devils are Here

Exalted MUSH uses this homebrew writeup The Devils are Here for the Infernal Exalted, known also as the Green Sun Princes. Said document contains sub-links to other documents covering each particular Yozi's Charms, including General and Heretical Charms. However, some tweaks are needed for this to work here. Please see further details below.

Please also keep in mind that Infernal Charms are frequently gross, shocking, disturbing and/or downright bizarre. Not everyone wants that in their face. Please exercise due good taste.

Sidebar: What devilry is this?

For solid Infernal homebrew, there were two choices available to us. This, and the Ability-based writeup known as "To Rule in Hell". The latter has a lot of mechanical issues with its handling of Shintai and relevant Charms, among many other things. Although The Devils are Here is largely a port of 2e-style Infernals with Yozi Charm trees, which is contrary to the official 3e vision, since we're unlikely to see actual canon Infernals for maybe YEARS, this is a good way to start having fun with Hellish things again right now.

Sidebar: Are Infernals Evil?

Although this article of quotes and viewpoints was written against the 2e Interpretation of Infernals, some of its spirit is still relevant to Infernals as seen on this game. We think it's worth a read for those interested in Infernals. Are Infernals Evil?

Lore Considerations

Green Sun Princes of Hell

The Green Sun Princes enjoy a peculiar place in the hierarchy of Hell. They are all implicitly considered to be citizens of Hell, able to engage in any sort of enterprise imaginable. All Demons of the First Circles (at least, those which are more people than animal in terms of intelligence) will obey them without question unless this conflicts with duties sworn to a 2nd or 3rd Circle Demon. Meanwhile, Demons of the Second and Third Circles will extend hospitality and treat with Infernals as almost-equals. They are not required to drop everything and do whatever an Infernal wants, but will give them more than the time of day to have an audience, draft plans, establish deals, what-have-you, and will put forth a sincere (though questionably efficacious) effort to help said Infernal acclimate to the ways of hell. In other words, unless a specific Infernal does something particular and deliberate to grievously offend one of the many lords of Hell, they're basically treated like heroes and rockstars.

Of Fallen Titans

In 2e, it's known that Ta'akozoka died, and the land they fell in became the fertile Greenfields of the far North. Mardukth is heavily implied to be the Neverborn He Who Holds in Thrall. For our game, it is assumed that Ta'akozoka yet exists, and some other explanation leads to Greenfields. Where He Who Holds in Thrall is concerned, well... 3e material on the Neverborn is scarce, but it doesn't really matter if a Neverborn's name needs to change for our continuity in the future. In other words, don't worry about this kinda discrepancy. Just have fun!

The Reclamation

It doesn't exist. At least, it doesn't exist as 2e portrayed it. There is no mad scramble in Hell. No master plans for any specific Infernal to find a place in. The Yozis know that they won't be able to find their freedom this easily or this early, if it is even possible. But the Yozis have invested a bit of themselves into these twisted blessings. The glories and victories of their Chosen resonate as something akin to a luxurious banquet of ego-stroking prayer, and flagrant defiance of the traitorous gods. Thus, the Yozis sincerely desire to see the Infernals succeed at slaying hated rivals, conquering nations, achieving great feats of sorcery and whatever else that Infernal wishes to do which further exults and spreads Yozi power. In return, the Green Sun Princes enjoy the backing of Hell. Only the most disrespectful, disruptive, and destructive renegade would find themselves completely cut off.

Nature of Charms

Reiterating what's stated in the writeup, the Charms used by Green Sun Princes are not the Charmss used by Primordials directly, but rather the resonant power that emerges from a Solar Exaltation that has been twisted and stuffed to the brim with Yozi Essence. So, although there is an unmistakable sympathy between the two, Yozis are not "made out of these Charms" nor do they directly learn Charms the Green Sun Princes invent. Infernals still possess their own spark of Primordial Essence though, and can cultivate it in ways that the Yozis have not anticipated.

Castes, Unwoven Coadjutor, and Urges

Though they were originally five distinct Castes, the Solar Exaltations no longer bear such. The Caste of specific Infernal Exaltations shifts depending on the nature of the new Exalt. Furthermore, an Infernal's Urge, Coadjutor, and Caste Yozi do not need to all be the same. One might have Malfeas as their Caste Yozi, a Heranhal for their Unwoven Coadjutor (descended of the Ebon Dragon, via Alveau), and a Pyrian Urge.

What kind of Demon plays host to an Infernal Exaltation is entirely random. One's Caste, Secondary, and Tertiary Yozis are emergent from the host's own personal resonance with the themes of respective Yozis, and the specific Urge (and corresponding Torment) often emerges as an extension of an obsession, tendency, psychosis, etc, the candidate possessed before Exaltation. Still, it's UNUSUAL for these things to not line up to some degree.

Exaltations, Reliquaries, the deal, and the Chrysalis Grotesque

Say a prayer for Lillun, who thankfully has not been dragged into Hell and turned into an unspeakable tortured abomination in this telling. Instead, the Yozis have constructed special Reliquaries based on the designs of Lytek's vaunted cabinet which house the twisted Exaltations between incarnations, giving the Yozis a chance to clean them up and perform any maintenance they desire before releasing it once more. Through the Reliquaries, a Yozi - or, on rare occasion, very privileged 3rd Circle Soul can make suggestions as to candidates or types of candidates an Exaltation should look for, and serve as a communication channel for visions and the sort during the Exaltation process itself. Exaltation can happen without this supervision. The Yozis do not see to each and every one.

The Reliquaries are stored in a highly secure chamber of the Conventicle Malfeasant. When it is time to choose a new Green Sun Prince, a Yozi or their chosen representative can bid an Exaltation fly free and lodge itself into an a First Circle Demon - either one chosen specifically, or one chosen at random if none is provided for it. The Demon then traipses across Cecelyne and is summoned into Creation by a Yozi cult or otherwise finds a crack into the mortal lands guided by strange and uncanny luck. Once there, the Demon is driven by mad dreams and perhaps the also-mad demands of any Yozi or 3rd Circles managing the Reliquary to tirelessly seek out a candidate. For the most part, Infernal Exaltation seeks out the same kinds of candidates that the Unconquered Sun might pick, people of great skill, talent, and spirit who would do great things if given the power and opportunity to do so. Tainted as they are by Yozi Essence though, these Exaltations do prefer candidates whose state of mind is twisted and driven to mad obsessions similar to its Yozi patrons, traits which Exaltation will then magnify and glorify.

However, rather than tackle and empower the mortal at the first opportunity, the Demon keeps to the shadows, biding its time for the right opportunity to catch the candidate when they're down in the dumps and very willing to listen to even a creature most, on a good day, certainly would not. The Demon reveals itself to them (typically in private) and offers them power to change their lot in life. What's the catch? Well, for the most part there isn't one. The message is always something of the sort that its masters see the potential in them and offer the power to change the world, power the gods would never give. In return, the Yozis will exult in their champion's every victory as their own. But in becoming a champion of the Yozis, they will obtain many powerful enemies. Potentially very dangerous enemies, but not insurmountable ones. The other option is be passed up on this offer and go back to being a hopeless nobody - assuming that the maddened Demon doesn't just decide to eat an unwilling candidate's face in an explosion of stress and spite, it will simply vamoose to find another candidate.

Whoever accepts is then engulfed by the demon as it unwinds and unravels itself into threads of Essence which wrap up the candidate into what Infernal scholars call the Chrystalis Grotesque. For the next five days the candidate's body, mind, and soul is bathed in Infernal Essence and made capable of comprehending and handling the alien power it must now bear. Infernal Exaltation often leads to physical changes, from simple improvements of physique like restoration to youth, removing scars and blemishes, or sprouting new demonic features subtle or grand, and it's quite common for physical traces of the host Demon - now available as the Unwoven Coadjutor - to remain.

When an Infernal dies, their Exaltation flees back to its Reliquary. Should a Reliquary be destroyed, its Exaltation would fly free and seek out candidates without any guidance whatsoever, by randomly possessing demons and directing them to offer the bargain.


Caste Yozi

As a clarification, when an effect such as a Solar's Supernal Ability or the Infernal Caste Yozi allows purchasing of Charms of a higher Essence rating, this also qualifies the character for purchasing upgrades/re-purchases for said Charms. It does NOT count for enabling effects which come into play when the character reaches higher Essence, and it does not provide a bonus in dice rolls calling for Essence.


Creature of Darkness

Though Green Sun Princes are blessed with the same free will as any other Exalt, they are so thoroughly tainted with Yozi Essence that the scorching might of the Unconquered Sun cannot, without them being specifically exempted, tell them apart from any other Demons. As such, all Infernal Exalted are considered Creatures of Darkness, enemies of the Unconquered Sun.


Reason: We have supernatural merits from 3e core and Lunars, this is needless complexity.


All Heretical charms, save for the ones explicitly mentioned in the Heretical tab, are banned by default

Just as Solars cannot intermingle their mighty mastery of Ability-based Charms with the wholly-different flow of Martial Arts Charms, neither can Infernals, save for effects which are Permanent/Innate in some way, and their basic Excellencies. Contrary to TDAH rules, here, whether a given Yozi Excellency can appropriately benefit a Martial Arts roll is the same as any other roll using a Yozi Excellency, and has nothing to do with any relation between the Martial Art and the Yozi. This may mean that some styles are not a great match with some Yozi, but overall should not be a massive hindrance to an Infernal Martial Artist.

Craft Charms

As we are using the Craft rules/charms from this Craft Revamp, any Infernal Charms which specifically and only operate on the Craft system (there shouldn't be any) are considered to not exist, and removed from any pre-requisite lists for other Charms.

Infernals who select Craft as a Caste or Favored Ability may purchase these Charms at Favored/Caste Costs. If Craft is a selected Caste ability, treat your Essence as +2 higher when determining what Craft charms you qualify for.

Although listed as Craft Charms, Infernal Charms, lore-wise, aren't truly Ability-based Charms. It is assumed that many Yozis possess powers of crafting and artifice which COULD be Charms, and this collection is the amalgamation of all of them for mechanical convenience and sanity.

First <Yozi> Excellency

Effect: Referred to as, "Excellent <Yozi> Nature" as the distinction between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd excellencies is gone in third edition.
Infernals also have the excellencies of their caste, secondary, and tertiary yozis automatically. Further excellencies are added if
the Infernal has Essence 4+ and acquired at least five charms from a given Yozi.

Second <Yozi> Excellency

Reason: Second excellencies do not exist in Third Edition, the first excellency may be used to enhance static values as its solar

Mantle of Primordial Mercy

Reason: This charm is only relevant to a house rule this MUSH does not use.

Unbridled Joy of Creation

Reason: No mote expanders.

Law Above All

Effect: The threshold is now less than the infernal's essence, rather than equal to or less than.
Reason: Mostly keeping this from getting awkward if used between player characters.

Soul-Sand Devil Shintai

Effect: While dematerialized, a cloud of silvery sand winks in and out of existence around your body.
This allows others to perceive your location at +1 difficulty, though not necessarily the nature of what they are observing.
If the observer has an effect which allows them to perceive dematerialized spirits active, this increase to difficulty is
negated for them and they can see your actual appearance if they succeed on their roll to notice you.
Reason: Many dematerialized spirits, especially demons, have some kind of telltale hinting at their presence, however minor. Now this Charm has one too.

Obsessive Enactment Precision

Effect: This charm cannot be used on a task less difficult than one that would be considered a Serious Task
in the social influence system. Likewise, the bonus pool of willpower does not refill the main willpower pool
when the designated task is complete.
Reason: Expendable pool regen bonuses get out of hand quickly.

Brook No Trespass

Reason: Balancing the mote economy.

Love Begets Love

Reason: Little to no functional benefit, encourages disruptive concepts.

Umbilical Noose Escape

Reason: See previous reason.

Womb Darkness Retention

Reason: Little to no functional benefit, encourages disruptive concepts.

The Little Monster

Reason: See previous reason.

Passion-Driven Maelstrom

Reason: There are a lot of ways to do damage to a region, this one is just weirdly edgy for no good reason.

Doppelganger Genesis Evocation

Reason: Listed as to be fixed by the original document maintainer, has not been fixed yet.

Charm Concept: Mad

Effect: Ignore the commentary about Lunar Exalts. One can certainly argue that Luna
is mad. Certain individual Lunars might well be crazy... but not because they learned these Charms.
Reason: Avoiding specific, hostile bonuses against other exalt types.

Oramus' Transgression - Essence Impossible

Reason: Second excellencies do not exist in Third Edition, and this charm requires them.

Composer of the Numinous

Effect: The mote pool effect is removed from this charm.
Reason: No pool expanders.

Empty Stomach Frustration

Reason: No mote expanders.

Merry Boar Rampage

Reason: Balancing the mote economy

Door-Splintering Juggernaut Motion

Effect: Move, Rush, and Disengage actions are enhanced instead.
Reason: The original charm's writeup erroneously includes second edition terminology.

Reassuring Slave Chorus

Effect: Mote regen cannot occur in battle.
Reason: Balancing the mote economy.

Uncrowned Beast King

Effect: Cloud Ascends the Mountain Stance is banned.
Reason: See previous

Poetic Doomed Adversary Exultation

Reason: See previous.

Titanic Spawn Uncountable

Reason: Not really that much more powerful than some sorcerous workings, also some neat flavor.

Fourth Soul Charms

Reason: A bit more custom content, not too outlandish.

Insatiable Aura Unchained

Allowed, Modified
Effect: Lillun does not exist in this setting, the Yozis have individual artifact receptacles for the exaltations as physical objects called, "Reliquaries"
instead. Attempting to circumvent the obviousness of this charm follows the logic of magics of concealment and deception rather than
painlessness or perfect cutting.
Reason: If you don't know about Lillun, you're better off not knowing.