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Sorcerous Initiations

The Five Trials

At some unknown point in the past, a powerful sorcerer carved a path to initiation into the very substance of Creation with a mighty working. Any who fervently wishes to become a sorcerer will, by the workings of fate and the auspices of this powerful feat of magic, find herself faced with five trials. If she can overcome them, she will become a sorcerer.

One is the test of humility, in which the seeker must humble herself in her quest for enlightenment.

One is the test of tutelage, in which the seeker is offered wisdom from an unexpected source, and sees it for what it is.

One is the test of journey, in which the seeker wanders far and wide. When something occurs to make her realize that the events of her journey reveal something of the nature of the world, she has passed the test.

One is the test of fear, in which the seeker must overcome one of her heart’s starkest terrors.

One is the test of sacrifice, in which the seeker must give up something precious in her search for power.

The origins of the Five Trials are hotly disputed. Some records speak of an academic clique of Solar sorcerers in the First Age. Others believe the Five Trials were created by the elders of the Silver Pact, that their kind could always find a path to power no matter how dire their persecution. There are other tales. The truth is difficult to discern.

Shaping Rituals:

  • Exalted Might: While her anima banner is flaring, the sorcerer has a pool of two bonus successes she may apply to a shape sorcery roll. Once expended, these do not reappear until her anima has dimmed and then reignited.
  • Heritor of the Five Stations: When enacting a sorcerous working, once per story the sorcerer can cite her initiation through the Five Trials as a Means.
  • Lessons Learned: Once per session, the sorcerer may use a stunt to recount some lesson she learned during the course of overcoming the five trials, giving herself two bonus successes on a single shape sorcery action.