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Name Template Splat
Izzy Mortal Broker
Orchid Blossom Mortal Broker
Drifting Petal Solar Dawn
Flaxen Warrior of the Mountain Solar Dawn
Flint Solar Dawn
Ignis Solar Dawn
Impi Umholi Solar Dawn
Ivory Maiden Solar Dawn
Jenner Solar Dawn
Manimekhala Solar Dawn
Misa Solar Dawn
Neza Solar Dawn
Tenken Solar Dawn
Tolon Solar Dawn
Flame of Peace Solar Zenith
Forgiving Sky Solar Zenith
Hail Solar Zenith
Wandering Lion Solar Zenith
Whirling Grain Solar Zenith
First Socket of the Heavenly Garden Solar Twilight
Iron Reed Scholar Solar Twilight
Lin Solar Twilight
Sanctified Pyre Solar Twilight
Seeker Solar Twilight
Mountain Thrower Solar Night
Nocturne Phoenix Solar Night
Obsidian Lily Solar Night
Silk Moon Lotus Solar Night
Wind Solar Night
Bright Journey Solar Eclipse
Gloaming Starlight Solar Eclipse
Serrick Glynn Solar Eclipse
Godoro Dragon-Blooded Earth
Kazuma_old Dragon-Blooded Fire
Ledaal Anona Dragon-Blooded Fire
Mnemon Kazuma Dragon-Blooded Fire
Reclaimed Resurgence Dragon-Blooded Fire
Amethyst Dragon-Blooded Water
Black Pearl Dragon-Blooded Water
Min Li Dragon-Blooded Water
Ragara Sanaz Dragon-Blooded Water
Tepet Hinata Dragon-Blooded Water
Maheka Youko Dragon-Blooded Wood
Blackheart Keys Lunar Full Moon
Dutiful Cricket Lunar Full Moon
Fudou the Mountain Lunar Full Moon
Oko Lunar Full Moon
Winds and Dreams Lunar Full Moon
Caeleen Selena Lunar Changing Moon
Eloidhe Lunar Changing Moon
Resplendent Lunar Changing Moon
Seira Lunar Changing Moon
Spring Wind Lunar Changing Moon
Argent Princess Lunar No Moon
Hoarfrost Lunar No Moon
Rishi Lunar No Moon
Te Aranga Mate Lunar No Moon