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Todo list

Luna here, making a todo list for organization's sake. Maybe some of you will see it, maybe some of you won't. So long as it helps to some extent I can't really complain.

Golden Calibration Review

Abilities Reviewed, reviewer(s) in parentheses and incomplete/ongoing reviews with asterisks. Unreviewed abilities and charm categories have no staff names attached. Archery (Luna), Athletics (Luna), Awareness (Luna), Brawl (Luna), Bureaucracy (Luna), Craft (Luna), Dodge (Luna), Integrity (Luna), Investigation (Luna), Larceny (Luna), Linguistics (Luna), Lore (Luna), Medicine (Luna, Cytherea), Melee (Gaia), Occult (Luna), Sorcery (Luna), Performance (Luna*, Gaia*), Presence, Resistance (Gaia), Ride Sail, Socialize, Stealth (Danaa'd), Survival, Thrown (Danaa'd), War (Gaia)

Infernal charm integration

Mainly looking at charms without equivalents from The Devils Are Here and integrating the few official charms we have from Crucible of Legends. CoL charms: Green Sun Nimbus Flare (Replaced old version), Ravenous Whirlwind Principle (Added) TDAH charms: None, at the moment

Shintai System Overhaul

Making something better than the subpar, half-ExEss version (Hi, yes, I made that version. Sorry about that. -Luna)

Craft fixing?

Figuring out how to integrate Crucible of Legends' simplified craft, maybe.

Project System

Figuring out how to integrate the project system with Sandact's venture system based crafting since the project system is legitimately better.

Minor craft tweaks

Porting over the resources and exotic ingredient requirements from Exalted 2e to 3e's craft.