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Custom Content

The core necromancy mechanics from the official Abyssals writeup are supplemented by spells from the fan writeup, "The Book of Bone and Ebony"
along with its Necrosurgery system and arcanoi subject to keyword limits on purchase. Additional house rules are in use as listed on this page,
no other sections from the Book of Bone and Ebony are in use.


For the sake of consistency based on what we've seen in previews, the circles of necromancy we're using on the MUSH will be referred to as Ivory, Shadow, and Void
for the first, second, and third circles of necromancy respectively.


As a note, these are under the charm header as they are effectively spirit charms for ghosts.

Kiss of Entropy

Modified: This charm inflicts a -1 penalty to a maximum of (Lower of the user's Essence or 3) on all physical actions for every threshold success.
Reason: The original arcanoi just didn't do anything beyond some flavor, and the deathlord/centimane effect won't come into play because
centimane exalted don't exist on this MUSH.

Stillborn Intent

Reason: Encourages disruptive RP and concepts.


Due to some common spells getting updated after the Book of Bone and Ebony was written,
some are replaced with updated versions or mechanics.

Control Spells

Spells which confer an additional solely negative effect when selected as a control spell by necromancers
such as Corrupted Words, and spells with negative effects which are easily separated from the main effect
such as Blessed Dead Fools no longer confer that disadvantage. Spells which confer a mechanical tradeoff
such as Assassin's Fatal Touch are wholly under the control of the sorcerer or necromancer. Theme tradeoffs
remain unaffected.

Ivory Circle

Armor of Blood and Bone

Replaced with the spell, "Panoply of Blood and Bone" which merges the effects of both this and Blade of Blood and Bone.
Only one piece of armor or one weapon may receive the control benefit of this spell per necromancer.
Each piece of equipment must be created by a separate casting, except in the case of paired weapons.

Blade of Blood and Bone

See previous house rule, this spell is replaced by Panoply of Blood and Bone.

Blood Lash

Please use the version found on Lunars: Fangs at the Gate page 311. While this spell is available to both sorcerers
and necromancers, it lacks the Blood Magic keyword as it already costs health to cast.

Death Flies Two Sails

Please use the mechanics of Floral Ferry on Dragon-Blooded: What Fire Has Wrought page 310.
The appearance of this spell remains the same, and its powers are likewise given a deathly appearance.
Finally, this spell no longer has the Shadow keyword as it only fades after its journey is complete.